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Company History

Thompson Furniture Store, in Belleville, Missouri, gives less costly furniture with a strict cognizance on over-the-top customer support. George Thompson and his father Robert Thompson founded a small store in 1992. Since the business opened in 1992, the encircling region has flourished with new organizations, some of which can be massive, logo-call fixtures stores. Thompson Furniture has commenced to experience the effect of the big chain stores, seeing a 12% drop in income because the new shops opened.

A New Brand

George Thompson decided it become time to rebrand the enterprise online furniture stores. He created a brand new slogan for the employer: “Quality fixtures with service you may tell your friends about.” In addition to the new catch-word, Thompson determined to replace the brand of the store. A fashion designer converted the Thompson’s logo from a chocolate brown sofa to a lime inexperienced, present day love seat.

A New Look

The next step inside the Thompson’s transformation become adding window signs and symptoms with that meditated the greater-modern aesthetic. With a finances of simply $1,000, George ordered vinyl lettering to line the eight-window storefront listing the home furnishings that Thompson’s gives, along side the new slogan. In addition, perforated vinyl decals alternated throughout the home windows, show full-scene images of customers enjoying their new beds, comfy couches, and grand dinner tables. Promotional signs and symptoms lined the alternative windows showcasing real patron testimonials that emphasised Thompson’s nicely-earned popularity for the fine customer support on the town.

A New Store

To launch their new emblem picture and signage, Thompson’s Furniture help a grand re-commencing party. A massive vinyl banner become hung across the top of the store announcing a special promoting for “30% Off Anything You Purchase.” This banner grabbed attention from the alternative retailers and confirmed clients why Thompson’s changed into a better preference.


Day one of the Grand Re-Opening produced 32 customers and $22,a hundred in sales-a income file for Thompson’s for the reason that authentic beginning. Traffic has been constant since the rebranding, and sales were consistently-sturdy. “Our customers recognize we’ve right service,” says George Thompson, “however sometimes they get distracted when something new comes along. Turns out all we wished turned into a touch sharpening up.”

After the success of the rebranding process and Grand Re-Opening occasion, Thompson’s Furniture Store is now preparing to open a 2d vicinity in Belleville. The extremely good products and unrivaled customer service that Thompson’s presents keeps customers coming returned, that is what George targeted on with the rebranding. By growing an attractive storefront, a catchy, powerful slogan, and having a first rate promoting, Thompson’s Furniture Store converted its enterprise, and excited about round $1,000.


When rebranding, locate what makes your enterprise unique and expand it. You can be the whole lot to each person, so as an alternative target a niche and cross after it full-pressure.
Competition is a part of business. If you’re feeling strain from a competitor, don’t be afraid to fight back. Customers may additionally leave briefly, however if you preserve offering high-quality service, they will return.
Marketing doesn’t need to be high-priced. Focus on finding promotional gear that are cheaper and get terrific exposure. Set a finances, keep on with it, and tune your outcomes.
Store signage is crucial to capture customers near your commercial enterprise. Creating an attractive storefront makes your commercial enterprise appearance professional and interesting.